Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rainbows and Multipliers

This is the development blog for Maru Maru - it's all about what goes on behind the scenes of those Rainbow Marus and Multipliers. Since this is the first post on this blog and since the site for Maru Maru gamers is just now under development (that's right, a site just for players is coming!), we'll start off with a few tips for those of you playing Maru Maru.

It should be noted that these tips will only make sense if you have actually played the game! So, if you have not played it yet, we highly recommend you go do so now! There's a trial version available for free on the Android Market (called "Maru Maru Market Trial"). You'll have a lot of fun. For those of you who have tried it, we thank you for playing! And these tips will improve your game by a great deal:
  1. Repeat this sequence of colors over and over till you know it by heart: White, Orange, Yellow, Green. White, Orange, Yellow, Green. White, Orange, Yellow, Green. One more time.
  2. Remember your math! What's -1 times -1? What's -1 times 4 times -1?
  3. Multipliers are very versatile - did you know that they will allow you to connect Marus of the same color through them? Yep, no matter how many Multipliers are next to each other, they will connect Marus of the same color through all of them.
That's all! Really, that's all? Trust us, these tips will have you getting insanely high scores in no time at all.